Trevor Phillips in GTA 5 – Height, Missions and Age

Trevor Phillips is one of the three protagonists in the game who is a friend of both Franklin and Michael. One of the main characteristics of Trevor which makes him different from others is the fact that he is quite furious and can get angry over anything. He is also known to have robbed a bank before entering the mafia industry. But Trevor is not like he seems to be. He may be short tempered apparently but he feels the slightest details and got a soft corner too.

Trevor Philips

When Michael escaped the criminal world almost 9 years back, Trevor believed he was dead until he came to know about Michael’s whereabouts and proceeded on the mission to find him. Although he considers Michael the closest to him, he is also friends with Wade Herbert and Ron Jakowski.

As far as his personal information is concerned, Trevor was born in Canada and due to some unfortunate events in his childhood. He became the man he is today. Victim of an abusive cocaine addict father and raised by a mother who found him a waste of time, Trevor had a very dark past. He also has a brother named Ryan and both of them aren’t on very good terms with each other. 

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Trevor Philips Height

Trevor Philips has a very tall height of 6,1 feet or 186 cm and weighs almost 82 kg or 180 lbs. He is an exceptionally gifted person in both mental and physical capabilities. His physical strength can be analyzed from his tall height and masculine energy. Also, he is some kind of an intellectual who can pull off all the plans quite easily. No matter how hard the circumstances are, Trevor always finds a way out of them and is quite sharp.

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Also, another essential aspect to take into account is that Trevor is a Crystal Meth addict and also supplies this drug to others. He has a drug dealing business and supplies amphetamines. Trevor has a number of illnesses including antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, as well as substance abuse. These illnesses may be the reason behind his short tempered behavior. He also has another mental issue called Intermittent Explosive Disorder which is a condition that leads to impulsive behavior in an individual. 

GTA 5 Trevor Missions

Trevor has a number of missions in GTA 5 but the player has to first reach the Level 13 in the game in order to unlock all of these missions. After you do so, you will then get a phone call indicating that Trevor wants to meet you somewhere. After this, various missions will be provided which are all listed below:

  • TP Industries
  • Lost My Mind
  • Crystal Clear Out
  • Chop Chop
  • Out of Harmony
  • Satellite Communications
  • The method in the Madness
  • Chopper Tail
  • Diamonds are for Trevor
GTA 5 Trevor Missions

These missions will be provided after reaching a particular rank, with the first one granted after the player reaches Rank 13. Then, you will receive missions on Rank 20, 28, 43, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 70 respectively. 

Trevor Phillips Age

Trevor is 68 years old in GTA 5 series and was born on December 31, 1953. He was born near the American Canadian border line in Canada and lived his early life there. Trevor has had a very traumatic past which may be the reason why he became the man he is today. He is a fictional character having no association to any real life character at all.

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As far as his marital status is concerned, Trevor is married to Helen Veale. Although Trevor is seen as a very negative character, he has not committed any severe crime in his early life until he became friends with Michael De Santa. He lives in Zancudo Avenue which is located in the north east side of the Sandy Shores. His accent is very Canadian as he was born and raised there. 

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Does Trevor Phillips have a mental illness?

Trevor has a number of different mental illnesses including antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and substance abuse. All of these disorders are collectively the reason why Trevor showcases a very short tempered attitude. 

What happened to Trevor Phillips’ daughter?

Trevor received a phone call which said that his daughter was not okay and she died the next morning. 

What disability does Trevor have?

He has Intermittent Explosive Disorder and he gets frequent impulsive fits and he can’t control himself. 

Can Trevor have a girlfriend?

Yes, you can find a girlfriend for Trevor in Los Santos. 

Does Trevor sleep longer?

Trevor sleeps a lot for almost 12 hours per day, which is not normal at all. But this is particularly because of the fact that Trevor is a severe drug addict.