Michael De Santa in GTA 5 – Voice Actor, Age, Car, Real Name and Death

Michael De Santa is one of the main characters in GTA 5 and was previously known as Michael Townley. He is a criminal and is known to have robbed a bank before appearing in the series. As far as his physical abilities are concerned, Michael is very good when it comes to shooting and can take anyone down single handedly. Although Trevor may be seen fighting with the policemen quite often, Michael still surpasses him in shooting skills.

Michael De Santa

Also, the sleeping style of each character tells a lot about their personality and Michael is an insomniac in GTA 5. You will see him walking randomly outside. He faked his death a few years back in order to be able to live his life soothingly back home, but his wish couldn’t be fulfilled. Michael has a very problematic relationship with his children and spouse and they can be seen fighting occasionally. Keeping all these crisis situations into account, Michael is forced to return back to his criminal life. 

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Michael De Santa Voice Actor 

Ned Luke is the voice actor behind Michael De Santa who is an American actor too. He is a deaf whose right ear is almost of no use and is a motion capture actor. Born on October 4, 1958, Michael De Santa has been in over 29 different movies before. He is 64 years old currently and was diagnosed with Covid 19 a little while back. Ned can also be seen in a 100 different commercials. 

Michael De Santa Voice Actor

Michael De Santa Age 

There is no proper data about the age of Michael De Santa and the estimated age of the protagonist is almost 45 to 48 years old. His character appearance seems to be like a middle aged man and some evidences reveal that he was born between 1965 to 1968. This age of Michael can be known from a dialogue he had with some other characters in the game in an event of GTA 5. His place of birth is Springfield, Illinois. He has been a gangstar all his life which is the core reason why he is this rich. Though the character is insomniac, his maximum sleeping duration is almost 6 hours per day. 

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Michael De Santa Car

The GTA 5 series features a number of different cars and characters, with each character having his own personal car. Michael De Santa drives a Black Obey Tailgater with the license plate ‘5MDS003’. Michael’s car in real life is LEXUS LX570. Obey Tailgater has four doors and is a middle ranged car. You can see Michael’s car being crashed by Stanley when the protagonist tries to escape from him. This happens when Stanley’s wife got to know about the affair and Stanley wanted to take revenge from Michael for this. 

Michael De Santa Car

Michael De Santa Real Name 

Ned Luke is the actual character who voices Michael De Santa in the 2013 video game GTA 5. He was born in Illinois and is a middle aged person. You can see Ned Luke in various movies and TV commercials before, and took a media break after that. Although he is partially deaf, he still auditioned for the role of Michael De Santa in GTA 5 series back in 2013 for which he was selected later on. He was a little hesitant before but after he came to know about the work, he decided to do the role. 

Michael De Santa in Real Life

Although there is no confirmation that on whom the protagonist of the game, Michael De Santa may be based on but there are pretty much resemblance of Michael with Tony Soprano. This is particularly because of the fact that both of them share similar housing, interests, as well as family dynamics.

Moreover, there could also be the possibility that Michael De Santa is based on Michael Townley who is a witness protectee in real life. Tony Saprano’s character was seen in the popular HBO series The Sopranos which was wonderfully portrayed by James Gandolfini. Another similarity seen between both of these characters is that they are very short tempered and cannot stand anything against their family. 

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Michael De Santa Death

Michael will finally meet his end in the final mission of the game The Time’s Come where Michael will be seen undergoing an accident. Some random security guard will be trying to hide from Franklin and in doing so, he will collide his vehicle with Michael, after which the character dies. The security guard will be having no armor with him and it will be a total accidental death. Also, it is also speculated that the protagonist’s death was caused by Franklin Clinton and the one who was actually behind all this was Devin Weston. 

Michael De Santa Death


Is Michael De Santa a real person?

Yes, Michael De Santa is considered to be a real person and Michael Townley is the one who is the real character. 

Is Michael De Santa an anti-hero?

No, Michael De Santa is one of the three protagonists in the game and is a criminal by profession. He robbed a bank before and after all the mess that he has created throughout the game, he has proven himself innocent at the end since it was shown that he feels sorry for what he did. 

Why did Michael De Santa change his name?

Michael changed his name to escape from all the mess and the criminal world and to live a better life away from all this drama.