What does Unlisted mean on YouTube? Unlisted vs Private YouTube

Unlisted mean on YouTube

Absolutely nothing can compete with YouTube when it comes to video sharing platforms and users do enjoy creating content for it, be it private or public. Many people out there do tend to avoid a larger mass sometimes and try to create a private video for a limited number of people. An Unlisted YouTube video is a video which can only be viewed by a limited number of people which have been granted a link to it. You may be wondering what could be the possible difference between an unlisted and private YouTube video, and the following guide will surely enable you to get a more thorough knowledge about it. 

What is an Unlisted YouTube Video? 

Unlisting a YouTube video means that it is now private and cannot be viewed by everyone on the platform. This video will neither appear on your channel nor will be found present in the search results. The only way to view these videos is to access them through their link. In order to access the link, you will have to contact the one creating the video, and this link can be shared with anyone, even those not having a YouTube account.

The very question now arises that what could be the possible difference between a private video and an unlisted video. The purpose of creating an unlisted YouTube video may be to get response from certain people or field testing a particular community. Following is a detailed comparison on both of these. 

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Difference between Unlisted and Private YouTube videos 

Private videos are one of the most secure forms of videos that exist on the platform. These videos can only be seen by up to 50 people, all of which are invited by the creator of the content. You can not access these videos by searching them, nor do they appear in the video recommendations. Moreover, even if you have the link for the specific video, you cannot view it unless you are granted an invite by the admin. On the other hand, unlisted videos stand somewhere between the private videos and the public ones. They can be accessed by possessing a link to it, though they cannot be seen by simply searching them or in the recommendations bar. 

How to make an Unlisted YouTube video? 

In order to make an unlisted YouTube video, follow the given steps

  • Log into your YouTube account and click on the Add Video option available. 
  • Then, proceed to the drop down menu available and click on Upload Video tab from there. 
  • A Settings option will lead you to the Public tab, from where you can click on Unlisted. 
  • Further search for the instructions and select the file which you intend to upload. 
  • After you have done this, a message will appear, from which you can then tap on the Public option present at the right corner. 
  • Click on the Unlisted option present in the drop down menu and make a confirmation by clicking on Done at the top right corner. 

Making an unlisted YouTube video may aid you to keep your content private and will only target a specific number of individuals who are granted access to it via the link provided. 

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