What Does a Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube?

highlighted comment mean on youtube

Highlighted Comment Meaning on YouTube

YouTube being a video streaming platform allows users to share their views on the content provided. These comments can be highlighted too and can be done so for a number of reasons. One of the clearest meanings of this may be that the content creator who highlighted the comment may simply want to put more attention towards it. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that the highlighted comment is not for the public and only you can view it. You may have come across a person’s username and have witnessed ‘highlighted comment’ written above it.

This may happen when you post a video on YouTube and someone comments on it. After this, you will receive a notification for the comment and when you click on it, the comment will appear at the top of the page, even above the pinned comment, and the words ‘highlighted comment’ will be present above it. No special meaning may be attributed to it except the fact that the platform makes it easy for the user to navigate through the comment section. 

How to make a comment highlighted on YouTube?

Highlighted comment does not mean that the user wants your attention. Rather, you can make the comment highlighted by following the given steps

  • Proceed to scroll through the comment section of your video and choose the comment that you wish to highlight. 
  • Furthermore, consider clicking the timestamp which is present near the username of the person. This will send a notification to that particular person about ‘highlighted reply’.
  • When you do so, the page will be refreshed and YouTube will create a new URL. Again scroll down to that comment and you will find that comment highlighted.
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Uses of highlighted comment on YouTube

Highlighted comment does not benefit the person who commented on it, but rather the creator of the video. Highlighting a particular comment enables the content creator to find that text easily among a lot of other comments present on the video. This makes it easy for the admin to reply to it and YouTube has added this feature to provide a more trouble free browsing experience for users. You will find this comment present above the pinned comment with a new URL created for it, significantly contributing ease to the user who would have otherwise scrolled through a massive pool of comments in order to find that. 

What is the difference between highlighted and pinned comments? 

Highlighted and pinned comments are a lot different, and many users do consider them to be the same. As written in the above mentioned guide, highlighted comments are useful for the admin of the video and cannot be seen by other users on the platform. On the other hand, pinned comments are some chosen comments by the creator and can be seen by everyone present. To make it simpler, the former are used by the admins to make their own browsing easier while the latter are used to draw people’s attention to the comment as they can be seen by everyone. 

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